Where are they now? 🍀
Who remembers Mama Mags and her baby kittens Frankie & Fletcher??
These two munchkins were such little delights, mama Maggie was such a good ma. Frankie looks like her little twin (but a bit less chonk to her!)
Frankie was an unstoppable force, once she made a choice nothing stood in her way! She was always steps ahead, learning to walk, run, climb the fastest!
While baby Fletcher was a bit behind on learning all the things he watched Frankie like a hawk and figured it all out.
As they got bigger they both came into their own little personalities but they always complimented eachother. We are delighted they were able to go to a home as a pair ❤️❤️
And look at them now! From tiny hairy gremlins to these handsome felines 😍
Thanks to all you beautiful people who choose to rescue and support rescue. Saving lives 💪
P.s We love seeing updates of all our wonderful cases 🙏🙏