We have some sad news to share with you all.
Rosa and Amy both developed some swelling in one of their hind joints. Rosa had puss leaking from a small wound and a high temperature therefore, they were taken in for an emergency vet visit last week.
They have been on high doses of antibiotics and Rosa has improved however, Amy has taken a turn for the absolute worse 🙁.

Amy was then booked in for a surgical procedure to clean out her joint and do some testing so we can further investigate her symptoms. Amy’s foster carer then noticed her other leg was also affected 🙁.
Amy was taken in to the vets this morning to be checked before her procedure and the news wasn’t great. One of Amy’s legs appeared to have irreversible damage and the other was also in a very bad way so the procedure was no longer an option.

The diagnosis that was now causing deterioration in our puppies (effecting Amy rapidly) was thought to be Strangles (Juvenile Cellulitis).
Strangles looks like marked swelling of the muzzle, eyelids, and face in a puppy between the ages of 3 weeks and 6 months of age. Lympth nodes in the throat can swell up and hair loss and lesions can be present. Fever, joint swelling, and loss of appetite can occur and if left untreated can be fatal as it can compromise puppies immune system.

As Amy’s condition was deteriorating rapidly the only option left was to end her suffering and unfortunately we had to make a heart breaking decision. Amy is now eating all the puppy treats at the rainbow bridge. All of us at DGA, and especially her amazing foster carer, are grieving today.
Our aim is to make sure we give Rosa, her sister a lot of cuddles today. We have all of our fingers and toes crossed that Rosa will make a full recovery as she has shown improvement with her treatments.
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