UPDATE on little AMY 🐶.

If you are following our little ladies stories, you now know that AMY & ROSA (Our surrendered twin puppies) are having veterinary treatment for eye ulcers.
They appeared to be doing really well on their treatments however, Amy has unfortunately taken a turn for the worse.
One of her eyes is quickly deteriorating and required an urgent trip back to the vet!
Due to the severity of her eye injury, Amy has started on additional eye medications which need to be applied ever 2hours. Who needs sleep anyway 😆
We have all our fingers and toes crossed that her eye gets better otherwise, the alternative will be surgical repair or enucleation (eye removal).
We now need to try and raise over $1000 for our sweet ladies, ROSA & AMY’s Veterinary Care and Eye Treatments.
Please donate via our website or via Facebook, our little ladies will so appreciate it 🙏.