The Three Little Pigs!
These jolly boys came into care ~4 weeks ago in quite a state! They were underweight, they had mites and they each had a vitamin C deficiency. 💔
Guinea pigs are incapable of producing their own vitamin C so it is important they receive it from their diet.
A small amount of capsicum each day will provide guinea pigs with their daily requirement of Vitamin C. Good quality pellets also contain vitamin C.
Mites in guinea pigs are microscopic so they can’t be seen with the naked eye. They cause itching, lesions, hair loss and in severe infections can even cause seizures.
Mites are transmittable from guinea pig to guinea pig. The young, old, pregnant or sick guinea pigs are more likely to become infested.
The boys have been receiving expert care and are looking and feeling much better.
Although they’re each putting on weight, they still need a bit more before it’s safe for them to be castrated!
They should be ready for surgery in the next few weeks and then they will be searching for their forever homes 🥰🥰
We are still needing to raise much needed funds to cover their vet work so please donate if you can.