PENELOPE – Adopted!

MEET PENELOPE! 7 months old.
I want the Purrrrfect home 😻

“Penny is still quite shy but her little purrsonality is starting to develop the more comfortable she gets.

She loves zooming around the house at night when her foster human is in bed, and has made the house quite her own by exploring every nook and cranny.

She has numerous little mouse toys and takes them all over the house, leaving bits of tail feather everywhere, and has a not so secret stinky sock fetish – she will collect and horde any she finds lying around, playing with them and making little piles around the house.

She does love to play, but is not sure how to do this with humans yet, and stick toys still scare her. Penny will tease you with her “catch me if you can” antics however – it’s great fun to trick your human into thinking they can catch you and then bound away at the last second!

She has also recently found her “singing voice” and is not above meowing dramatically to let you know she is hungry!

She likes to have little hiding spots all over the house where she feels safe and still doesn’t like to be approached and picked up, but if she can’t see you coming (looming over her), like when she is behind a curtain (sunny spots behind curtains are the best!) she doesn’t mind being picked up and cuddled.

When you can catch her she loves cuddling on your lap and will purr and drool and look lovingly into your eyes like you are her whole world for hours on end. Nose boops and fluffy blankets are some of her favourite things!

Penny might take a little while to settle into your home and get to know you, but once she does you will have a loyal and loving companion, who is equal parts cheeky and cuddly, and who will rule your home as her own” Emma (foster mother) 🙏.

Penny came to us as a stray at 8 weeks old & was the most scared kitty, she didn’t realise us hoomans were her friends and just hid anywhere she could find! With a little TLC in her amazing foster mummas house she has come out of her shell and is doing so well! She’s trusting hoomans again.

Pennys adoption fee is $200 and this includes all her vet work! We would love to find her the purrrrfect family who will take their time with her. She has such a personality and deserves a loving home!

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August 24, 2019