We have some really EXCITING news!

Meet Bel, Rose’s new mum 🌹🌹🌹
Bel came all the way to Perth from the Pilbara (Tom Price) to meet and get to know Rose!
Her life is full of camping, bush walking and she is missing one huge part in her life, a dog to share this with!

Rose is going to be the new Pilbara Princess!
She goes to her new home in 2 weeks and her mum is driving her home (16 hour drive).

When they met it was love at first and Rose was cuddling and licking her new mum. Everything happens for a reason and Bell is meant to be Roses new pawrent! ❤️

Rose came to DGA very quickly at just 9 months of age, she was going to be euthanized after she had a litter of puppies and we just couldn’t let that happen.


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April 25, 2019