PEPPER – Forever Homed!

Hello Pepper! ✨
Pepper is Grayson’s sister and Zelda’s daughter (see their posts for more info). She is a very smoochie girl who has gained a tonne of confidence over her time in care. Like Grayson, Pepper was very timid around people.
She absolutely loves a smooch, see our Instagram highlight reel to see how affectionate this sweet girl is! She loves a wrestle and does not discriminate with her siblings and foster sister when it comes to play, she loves everyone and every game!
Pepper swishes her tail around and always looks in motion, very lithe! She loves a little hideyhole when it comes to nap time and will tuck herself away wherever she can.
Due to Pepper’s young age and flexible attitude we believe she will adjust to any household.
If you think Pepper may suit your home, please head to our website and submit an adoption application! 💞

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February 23, 2021