MODI – 8 weeks old – Forever Homed!

Little Man… Modi
Modi is getting through his vet work and has well and truly settled into foster care. He was found at 5 weeks old on a busy road and taken to Murdoch Vet Hospital. It took him some time to come out of his shell. He wasn’t quite sure about people, he would try to frighten everything away from him.
He’s now nearly 8 weeks old, has a lot more trust and is slowly letting his personality shine through. He’s very curious and fascinated by many new things, seemingly trying to figure it all out. As you can see in his adorable profile shots!
He has a real predator streak and loves hunting and chasing his toys. He’ll happily wrestle with us (as long as we don’t startle him) and tries to wrestle himself in the mirror. He loves zooming around, often changing direction with little jumps. He’s got a soft spot for gentle head rubs and belly rubs, often praising you with a rumbly purr.
Modi’s courage comes out more and more and he will make such an addition to your home. He will need some extra patience but once you’ve earned his trust he is such a good natured little man.
If you think he might suit your home please fill in an adoption questionnaire, remember, the more details you can provide the more easily we can see if he would be suitable for you! 🌻🌻
Photos: Emanuel Rudnicki

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June 1, 2020