GRAYSON – Forever Homed!

Hiiiiii Grayson 🐾


This spicy boy is one of Zelda’s first litter (see our post on Zelda to see her story!). He came into care at 12 weeks old with his 3 siblings with no trust at all for people! Poor Grayson was terrified of people, hissing and hiding all the time, he hated contact and spent his time afraid.

With a lot of support and patience from his DGA foster carers, Grayson has slowly become a very affectionate man. He is still building his confidence but this gorgeous man is coming in leaps and bounds. After only a month in care he is becoming confident out in the open on his cat tower or the couch. He will stay for pats if we approach him slowly and he will come to us if we soothe him. Grayson loves to play when he’s feeling safe, wrestling with his siblings and any obstacles we leave out for him. Only hissing when he gets spooked and hiding with loud noises.

We are so proud of this guy and can’t wait to continue to see his progress.
Grayson lives with his siblings and another foster sister and is a very cat-social boy.
He has a good temperament and with patience and slow going, we expect him to adjust to any new environment.
If you are interested in giving Grayson a second chance and a loving home, please head to our website and submit an adoption application:
Our Instagram has a highlight reel of Grayson if you want to see more 😍👀
If you can’t offer Grayson a home, please show some support with likes, comments and shares and hopefully his future family will see his lovely face! xx
May be an image of cat
May be an image of cat

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February 23, 2021