LAGETHA – Forever Homed

Meet Lagetha
This gorgeous Mama is a delight to have in the house. Lagetha settled into her foster home immediately, ushering her kittens into a basket and then exploring the house and greeting everyone she could. Lagetha is exceptionally social, easygoing and confident.
She plays with her kittens as much as they let her so she has a very high play drive. She will play games with her foster carers when the kittens are napping. Lagetha tries to greet the Australia Post Man and the Uber Eats drivers.
She has been to events with DGA with dozens of people and she remains unphased (if keeping an eye on the kittens). Lagetha can be a little cheeky with food but responds quickly when she’s told off (so don’t spoil her or she’ll be naughty!)
She wants to sleep in bed with her carers and doesn’t mind being carried or handled.
She is great with children and would be fine in a child-household (as long as they abide by the no spoiling rules!)
We suspect she would adapt well to a cat-friendly dog however is very protective of her kittens and not at all afraid to discourage a badly mannered dog.
Lagetha is still weaning her kittens and finalising her vet work but will begin Meet and Greets in the coming weeks.
If you think you might have room in your house and heart for Lagetha, please head to our website and submit an adoption application:
If you would like to donate to Lagetha or her kittens care, please do so via our website above or:
Don’t Go Astray Inc.
BSB: 302-162
ACC: 1579351

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April 6, 2022