CRICKET & REUBEN – Giant X – 12 weeks

The boys are growing so fast!
They are 12 weeks old now!
Reubens ears cant decided what they want to do and are currently a little saggy on the ends 😆
They love each other so much they are practically joined at the hip! You will frequently find them intertwined sleeping together and you can’t tell where one begins and ends!
These boys must stay together so they will be looking for a home TOGETHER in the new year.
They will receive their booster vaccination, microchip and be sterilised mid January and will then be ready to go to their new home.
If you think Reuben & Cricket would be the perfect addition to your family, please complete an adoption questionnaire on our website:
(Please note: completing an adoption questionnaire does not guarantee an adoption. Successful applicants will be contacted directly)
Here they are at 8 weeks of age when they initially came into care:

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December 24, 2020