Adopt Annie the Angora Bunny!

Annie was surrendered to a vet hospital after being bitten by a cat.

The vet staff instantly fell in love! They treated her wound and cared for her whilst she was healing. They then got into contact with us to provide further care for Annie.

Annie has been sterilised, vaccinated, and microchip and is searching for a loving home with an experienced rabbit owner.

Being an Angora, Annie’s fur requires daily brushing and occasional shaving of matts when they form. For this reason, she MUST be an indoor bunny to help maintain her beautiful coat.

She is quite a placid bunny and has a lot of love to give to her future family. In the mean time, she is being super spoilt by her foster mum!

Adoption fee: $185

If you would like further information about Annie, please send us a message below!

Update: 23/05/2019

Annie has been shaved as she had a few matts which we were unable to brush out. It is quite a common thing for angora owners to shave them a few times a year as their hair is so hard to manage.

They look quite ridiculous initially but their hair grows back super fast! Annie is indoors so is staying warm but she also has a little jumper to keep her warm on those especially cold nights.


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May 8, 2019