Introducing Aomori
This sweet girl is ~5 months old
Aomori is a very, very affectionate girl. She loves playing with her foster brother and is very curious of our resident big dog. She’s quite chirpy and will happily sing out if she wants more pats.
Aomori came into care with very squinty vision and was clearly in a lot of pain. She has a condition called Distichiasis. Basically she had eyelashes growing inside her eyelids and digging into her eyes!
We have since worked with an opthamologist to take this section of eyelid & the eyelash hair follicles out of her eyes to protect her vision and reduce her pain.
Aomori is currently recovering and is due for a check up this week to see if we were successful!
We love to help cases like Aomori live their best lives and we can only do that with your help. We are raising $1500 to cover Aomori’s surgery and veterinary care so we can help this sweet pea find her forever home.
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