Age: 6 months      Breed: Abyssinian

Marvin was surrendered into care after he was viscously attacked by another guinea pig. This left him with many open wounds and bruising all over his back end.

After weeks of medication & daily cleaning, Marvin made a full recovery 🙂

Marvin has since grown all his hair back and is now in search for his forever home.

Because of his rough start to life, he was quite shy of new environments, other guinea pigs, and humans. He has really come out of his shell during his time in care and now happily comes out to be hand fed by his foster carer. He can be very chatty & demanding now when it comes to food!

Marvin has been introduced to some other guinea pigs in care to see how he reacts and we believe he will fit in nicely with females or a calm, desexed male.

Castrated & Microchipped

Adoption Fee: $60