Hey Mama Maggie 🐾🐾
Maggie has been a fantastic ma. You may have remembered from some of our earlier posts Maggie was brought into care with a litter of day old kittens who are nearly 7 weeks old now!
Mama Maggie came to us semi-feral and very uncomfortable with people. Over her time in care she has slowly become a very affectionate cat! Maggie loves a back rub and a chin scratch and she will rub her body or tail along her carers legs to welcome them home. She’s getting so comfortable she even sleeps on the couch with them when they’re relaxing! Maggie is making such good progress and is very civilised with food, houseplants and furniture.
As her kittens become more independent Maggie’s personality is shining through. She has a dopey playstyle, often getting seemingly overwhelmed and rolling around on her back, she loves chasing the kittens and gently wrestling with them.
Maggie will be a great addition to any home. She would do well with quiet or outdoor dogs and would suit being the only cat in her new home.
Please head to
https://dontgoastray.org/adopt-foster/ to complete an adoption questionnaire and come to meet Maggie! 💞