About Lucy

Welcome Mama Lucy!
This lovely mama came into care with 5 baby kittens! Mama Lucy had quite bad fleas and was underweight, it’s hard to take care of yourself with 5 little gremlins to look after!

She is an absolute delight, initially she was hawk eyed over her kittens, keeping everyone in check. Now that she has a bit of time and space to her self she’s settling in great. Lucy responds very well to human tones and if you say ‘kitty’ or ‘lucy’ in an excited way she is very inquisitive, often responding with a ‘brrrr?’. She’s quite an interactive girl!

Lucy is still figuring out how to get her affection out and while she doesn’t quite understand snuggling yet, she loves scratches and is always close by.

Mama Lucy is quite young and loves to play, but not with cat toys. She loves any small thing she can chase and push around like toilet tubes and pens but doesn’t much fancy things with bells or noises.

She tends to find cosy dark spaces for naps on her own when she’s not curiously checking out what you’re up to.

Mama Lucy took on another baby kitten for a short time with ease and we suspect with slow introductions would settle in well with other animals.

Lucys’s adoption fee is $200 and this includes her veterinary work completed – adult vaccination, microchipping & sterilisation.