Very Social

Male Dwarf Rabbit

Hector demands your attention and enjoys a full body scratch/massage.
He is the kind of bunny who would love to be free roaming your home and enjoy some cuddles on the couch each night while you watch TV.
He also enjoys a run around in the sunshine to nibble on some grass and get some fresh air.

Hector came into our care a little bit frisky… 😆, we organised his castration to help lower his hormones which were driving him insane!
Unfortunately Hector wasn’t impressed with this decision and fussed at his surgery site overnight! This determined little man then had to have a second surgery to resolve the wound, c’mon Hector! 🤦
Luckily spoilt Hector loves getting fed from a syringe so slurped down his medicine like a good boy!
Throughout this discomfort Hector has remained such a funny character!

Good with kids, cats & calm friendly dogs