Meet Gustav!
This Cheeky boy is 6 weeks old and he and his siblings are completing their veterinary work in the coming weeks.
Gustav and his siblings came into care a few weeks ago and due to their confident and social Mama are very active, social kittens.
Gustav is very playful and high energy. He loves to play… with his siblings, your socks, the blanket on the bed, anything he finds on the floor, anything he can climb to..
This very handsome and quite charming boy is high energy, but when you do catch him ready for a nap he will gaze at your face and purr, he’s very affectionate when his brain isn’t scrambled with his next game.
He has been to DGA events, meeting new people with ease and becoming the centre of attention rather quickly with his charm and cheeky attitude.
He’s social and has been introduced to children well. He shows curiosity towards the outside dog and is young enough he should adjust well to any household.
If you think you might have room in your heart and home for Gustav, please head to our website and submit an adoption application:
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Don’t Go Astray Inc.
BSB: 302-162
ACC: 1579351