About Bonnie & Benny

Bonnie is a desexed female Dwarf rabbit estimated around 1 year old.
Benny is a desexed male Dwarf X breed estimated around 2 years old.

Bonnie & Benny are 2 of the friendliest rabbits you will come across. They are very social, love to be around people and enjoys getting all the head rubs and cuddles before bouncing off and exploring everything.

These 2 are very confident and will demand your attention whenever they can. They have been housed with small children, cats and dogs with no issues.

It would be ideal to have a home where Bonnie & Benny can free roam as they show interest in exploring, they also love supervised outdoor time in a secure yard too.

Bonnie & Benny both have huge appetites and will never stop eating hay, they enjoy veggies, treats and will eat anything and everything given to them, but given that they will also want what you are eating too, so be sure no people food where they can get it. Rabbits are not designed to eat human foods, no matter how much they beg you for them! 😅

Bonnie loves to lounge around on a blanket or on the bed with you and do cute flops on the floor after her day of exploring, she really enjoys running and happily runs after you so having an active family would suit her well.

Head rubs are a must, especially for Bonnie and she will get into position and melt into the floor!

Benny also demands human attention and enjoys sitting on your chest, blocking the TV so that you can give him your full attention 🤣

These two are a bonded pair and absolutely love each other. They eat together, sleep together, groom each other, explore together. They must be adopted together.

If you think you have room in your heart and home for Bonnie & Benny, please head to our website and submit an adoption application:

All DGA rabbits will be rehomed microchipped, vaccinated, and sterilised.

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Medical notes

E.Cuniculi Positive. No symptoms.
They will require an oral medication course of 9 days every 6 months.