Introducing ATLAS 🌏
Atlas was abandoned at the young age of 6 weeks old to a vet hospital before coming into our care.
From day one Atlas has been so cheeky, playful, energetic and boisterous!
He can be shy with some new people but loves to be close to those he knows. We believe he will grow to be a very loyal doggo!
Because of his young age, Atlas is still learning what is appropriate to play with…. He is a chewer!
He is very food orientated which helps with his training.
Atlas has been in a foster home with a small dog who he plays with non stop! He has also been housed with a cat who he likes to annoy so she keeps her distance.
Atlas is 12 weeks old now and has started his vet work. He is not quite adoption ready but keep an eye out for updates!
All DGA puppies are sterilised, vaccinated, microchipped and are up to date with flea & worming prevention until day of adoption.