Update on our brave girl MICKEY!
Mickey went and spent the day with Dr Julie at Estuary Veterinary Clinic to have her ears and skin checked.
This beautiful girls skin is probably one of the worst we have seen. She has been diagnosed with severe “Proliferative Otitis External” (outer ear canal disease). Mickey had to go under general anaesthesia to have polps removed from her ear canals just so Dr Julie could see down them to examine. Her ears (imagine an ear filled with cauliflower) have now been flushed and clean.
Mickey also has severe “Pododermatitis” which is inflammation and skin infections on her paws. She also has a lot of “Cocci” and “Puritis” causing her to feel incredibly uncomfortable and itchy all the time. Not to mention “Demodex mites”.
This poor girl is in the wars due to neglect.
Dr Julie would normally have started steroids to help manage her Puritis and her allergies but due to her eye ulcer (which is healing nicely) we had to use other medications to control these.
She is now on all the right medications and ear drops to help manage all of the above. She will have to have monthly injections for her skin and on some great worming/flea treatment called Nexgard Spectra to help with her mites.
But it’s only a waiting game ….. especially around the ears.
If this treatment does not work she will need a total ear canal ablation surgery where they remove apart or the ear canal 😭.
Fingers crossed it doesn’t get to this but DGA are here if it does.
We have also realised that she is better suited to a NO DOGGY HOME. She loves all the attention and cuddles and although there isn’t an aggressive bone in her body, is better suited to be the only dog in the fam.
She’s now living in a cat only foster care environment. Our amazing foster carers Shannon & Iesha are working together to provide love and care for this baby.
Please keep donating, this little baby is not at all out of the woodwork yet and is still a month away from being adoption ready. We just want to ensure she is as comfortable and happy and healthy as possible and are managing all her veterinary treatment needs before she is ready for her own family.
She is the bravest and goodest girl!
Thank you Dr Julie for your love and care ❤️