Update MINNIE!
I am loving my time in foster care. I’m living with a Vet who takes me on the road sometimes so I can rest and be by her side 24/7. That’s my only job, to gets lots of cuddles and rest! I am loving it!
Because of YOU DGA have been able to pay & recoup their surgery & Veterinary care funds for me.
I was very close to euthanasia before some amazing Vet Nurses and DGA stepped into save me.
I’m not yet ready for adoption as I have a long road (another month and a half) of recovery time!
But just know all of YOU who donated to the Facebook fundraisers saved my life!
If you would like a donation receipt (every donation over $2 is tax deductible) please email: dga@dontgoastray.org with your payment receipt!
Most importantly. Thank You 🙏