Time for an update!!
Baby Nora and Vera our little sick sisters. Now named Elki and Yoko
Elki (Nora) and Yoko (Vera) both came to us very unwell with FIV. Fortunately having them both already infected meant we could foster and home them together.
These little rays of sunshine were delights from the very beginning. Both suffered due to their time as strays and their condition (please vaccinate your animals!). They have been homed together to the perfect place! Their family says they have each maintained a cheeky streak.
Yoko (Vera) is delighting in destroying the Christmas tree and Elki (Nora) is always seeking a floppy cuddle. Both have adjusted to living with dogs and children wonderfully.
Have a look how graceful and lovely they both are compared to leaving foster care and the day they each arrived in care!
We are so thankful to the wonderful people who support DGA and choose to adopt animals in need.
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