NANCY – I’m ready for my forever family – Adopted!

We’re now taking adoption applications for Miss Nancy Pants
“Now that’s I’ve got a second, hi everyone it’s Nancy here!
I’ve been a busy girl raising my babies but my job here is almost all done!
My foster mum tells me everyday how good I’ve done because my babies are so strong and healthy, I’ve been the best mama to them if I do say so myself…
I’m still pretty young so I do enjoy a bit of playtime and I like wandering around the house and checking everything out, I really like sitting on the windowsill and getting all warm from the sun.
I’ve been very good and have used the cat scratchers and not the furniture to scratch on.
I’m an independent little lady but i also do like attention and company, don’t tell my foster mum but it’s not a coincidence that I usually end up in the same room as her.
I can be pretty affectionate and give lots of purrs, rub up on you and be a sweet girl when I’m comfortable with someone.
There’s a dog that comes to visit this place sometimes and I don’t mind her too much, I’m still a bit protective of my babies but I think I wouldn’t mind a dog of my own when I find my new family and I’ve settled in.
Well it’s been nice chatting to you guys but it’s time to check on the kids again”.
If you’ve got any questions my foster mum is more than happy to hear from you!
Nancy’s adoption fee is $150 and includes complete veterinary work!
She is very special to us.
Click the link to complete an adoption application:

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March 30, 2020