MAMA MAGGIE – Forever Homed!

You may remember we introduced you to Mama Maggie a few weeks ago. 🐾
Maggie and her litter were found stray and brought into the vet hospital the day they were born. Unfortunately they were quite premature and sadly two of the Bubba’s were lost. Mama has taken great care of her bubs and is an attentive, fabulous mother.
Mama is quite independent but when she’s not caring for the kittens she is affectionate and curious. She’s a bit timid with new things but we suspect she’s being protective of her litter.
Her litter are nearly 3 weeks old and last week another litter was found and brought into the vet hospital. Kittens without ma’s are at high risk and unfortunately all but one of the kittens didn’t make it through the night. We introduced the surviving kitten to Mama Maggie and her kittens with the hope that she could take care of him. Fortunately Maggie accepted new baby kitten and she now has two 3 week old kittens and one 1 week old kitten to take care of.
Maggie will soon be looking for her very own forever home ❤️ if you think you might have room for Mama Maggie in your home please head to our website and fill in an adoption application
We also need to raise much needed funds to cover mamas sterilisation and the wee bubba kittens vet work (see Facebook).
If you can assist please help us out, all donations over $2 are tax deductable! 💞
📷 Emanuel Rudnicki

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October 13, 2020