FRANKIE and FLETCHER – 7 weeks old (female & male) – Forever Homed!

Hello 💞🐾
This is Frankie and Fletcher. They are 7 weeks old and they love their mama.
These two are cheeky little devils and watching them grow from little day old worms to cheeky fluff balls has been a pleasure.
Frankie is courageous and curious. She loves a challenge and she makes a game out of everything. She’s the first to explore anything new and she races from one thing to the next! She loves to wrestle and chase toys around. She is affectionate and loves a pat but is happy to sleep or be alone, entertaining herself.
Fletcher is very sweet and gentle. He is not afraid but he is happy taking his time with new things. He loves a cuddle, and will always look for space in his carers laps or seek out mama or Frankie for a nap.
Both kittens have just started their vet work, receiving their first vaccination today! They are not quite ready for adoption but will be looking for their homes soon ! Keep an eye out.
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📷 Emmanuel Rudnicki

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November 5, 2020