Adopt Hershey! – Male Dwarf Lop


About Hershey

Meet Hershey, a 1.5year-old desexed male Dwarf Lop who is as sweet and delightful as his name suggests. With his stunning chocolate-coloured coat and always-on-the-move personality, Hershey brings a whole lot of whimsy and charm into any environment.

Hershey’s dynamic spirit is guaranteed to keep you entertained; capturing his mischievous antics on camera is nearly impossible! However, this busy little guy knows when to hit the pause button for a good snuggle. There’s nothing he likes more than sinking into the ground for a loving head scratch.

Exploration is one of Hershey’s favourite pastimes. Whilst he’s not as obsessed with grass-eating as some of his rabbit friends, he revels in garden exploration. Enriching his environment with some safe chewable items would satisfy his natural curiosity.

Hershey is a sociable little creature. He seems to seek out the company of other rabbits, so he’d likely be happiest if he had a bunny companion to bond with. Therefore, he would be a fantastic addition to a home with an established rabbit or possibly some other furry friends such as friendly cats or dogs.

While Hershey is a treasure, it’s worth noting he’s yet to master litter training, but don’t worry. With consistency, a little patience and guidance, Hershey is sure to get it with time.

Hershey, with his gentle personality and adventurous spirit, would adapt well in any home prepared to love him and considers bunny-proofing their space. If you’re looking for a small, lovable pet to bring great joy and delight into your life, Hershey is your guy.

Medical notes:

E.Cuniculi NEGATIVE.

No health concerns found on physical exam

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