Please welcome little Nora 🐾🐾🐾
Nora is a 14 week old White & Tabby female domestic short hair.
She was found as a stray and brought into SAI Vet, Willeton who took fantastic care of her and then sent her our way to find her a forever home!
Nora is very confident with people and very affectionate. She loves to get under blankets for her naps all cuddled up.
She’s very vocal and still learning some manners but she’s got a very sweet nature.
She can be startled by loud noises (our robot vacuum really upset her) but we suspect with time this will improve!
At the moment she spends a lot of her day exploring and playing with her toys and the rest of the time she watches the birds out the windows!
She’s very pretty and graceful, with quite a proper and prim vibe to her.
At the moment she has a bit of cat flu from being out on her own but her recovery is on track and we will be able to get her vet work started very soon!
Thanks Sai Vet and welcome Nora! 🥰🥰