Kiki (below) is a 6 weeks old female kitten from a little of 4. She is the sweetest and cheekiest of the litter. She likes to hiss at you at first but just loves a cuddle! She will be available for adoption very soon!

Her adoption fee will be $250 which includes all veterinary work!

Sid (below) is a cutie and such a mommas boy! He is so so affectionate and playful! With a name like Sid you just can’t go wrong!

His adoption fee will be $250.00 which includes all Veterinary work!

Chloe (below) is only 6 weeks and the only one out of her litter needing a forever home! Chloe is the smallest bundle of energy! If she’s not running around playing she’s happily sitting on her foster families shoulders like a parrot! She can never be close enough to the people she loves. She loves to be affectionate when she’s having a cuddle by licking and rubbing herself all over us all until she falls asleep.

Her adoption fee is $250.00 and includes all Veterinary work!

Levi (below) is the newest kitten recruit for DGA! He is 7 weeks old. He was cat trapped so came to us a little wild. After only a few days he is starting to come out of his shell and accept pats and cuddles. He loves a good ear scratch and with the love and care will be a purrrfect addition to any home.

Levi’s adoption fee is $250.00 and includes all Veterinary work!

Smokey (below) female, 10 weeks old. Smokey’s a very playful little girl who turns into the biggest cuddle bug once she’s tired herself out. She loves cuddling up and napping with her foster family making her the sweetest little couch companion

Smokey’s adoption fee is $250.00 which covers all veterinary work!

Please click the adopt/foster tab and complete an adoption questionnaire!

Together we can fine these babies a forever home!