Meet our newest case:
MICKEY – 7 year old female French Bulldog.
Mickey was booked into a vet to be euthanised as the owners had to travel interstate and she isn’t fit to fly 🙁.
Mickey has an eye ulcer, ear canals that are closing up due to infection and skin allergies.
Nothing that can’t be fixed with some TLC and veterinary work.
The owners have surrendered Mickey into our care and she is going to be having a consultation with an Ophthalmologist (eye surgeon) tomorrow.
We couldn’t let Mickey go to doggy heaven! She has so much love to give and she’s such a sweet heart.
We’re unsure what we’re looking at funds wise for her! But will do whatever it takes to make her comfortable and healthy before she’s adoption ready!
If you would like to make a start by donating to her veterinary care we would really appreciate it.
Of course we will keep you updated with her progress.