Astrid is a really beautiful young girl. She’s nervous of new things and loud noises (fair enough!) but with some support she’s ready for it. She doesn’t mind being picked up and she absolutely loves a back rub.
Over her time in care she has progressively gained confidence and is more assured of herself and humans. Astrid has a big bubbly purr which comes very easily (just coo near her and she will start!). She is very affectionate and loves to get pats in her carers lap, she gently uses her big paws to pull your hand down to pat her when you are slacking! Funny girl.
Little Astrid just needs some love, patience and confidence!
Astrid is going to be an incredibly affectionate, loyal cat once she finds her people and they earn her trust.
We have a series of videos on our Instagram highlights if you want to see more about this little gem. We can’t wait for her to get settled in her forever home!
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