Percy / Flit🐾
Percy is 11 months old (he is the one taking the selfie in the photo).
He and his siblings came into care from an industrial area and were absolutely terrified of people. One of Percy’s brothers was a foster fail and now he and his sister, Flit are seeking their forever home.
We would love to keep them together as they give each other so much love! But we are willing to review homes for one if it’s the right home.

These munchkin’s are highly inquisitive and love to perch on the windowsills together. They are both very cat social and once they feel comfortable with people they’re a sucker for bum scritches and cheek and ear rubs.
They shows caution but not fear around cat friendly dogs and we believe would settle comfortably into a home with quiet dogs.
They are in a foster home with a cat run and loves being outside but will come running inside if his humans call for him (adorable).
Want to come and meet Percy & Flit?
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