About Enzo

Meet Enzo! This adorable dwarf X is only 7 months old and has already stolen the hearts of many.

He loves playing with friendly dogs, cats, and gentle older kids.

His favorite snack? Bananas! He’ll do anything for one. He gets so excited about bananas that his butt twitches while he eats them!! It is so adorable!

Enzo is a very playful bunny who loves nothing more than exploring his surroundings.
He’s quite the escape artist so an indoor home is required for him.

Enzo would make a great addition to any family looking for a loving companion.

You can view more photos and videos on our Instagram story highlights to get more of an idea of Enzo’s personality!

Medical notes

Enzo is EC positive and we hide his medication in a small amount of mashed banana and he has no idea. He thinks he is just really lucky to get banana!
He has shown no symptoms and may never show any now that he has started his medication. He will require his oral medication once a day for 9 consecutive days every 6months.