Meet Harriette:
I’m a 12-18 month old rabbit who was abandoned on the streets. My bio is pretty long but I hope you have a read because I am a one in a million rabbit.
When you meet me it won’t take you long to realise that I am in fact a cat/puppy hybrid in a rabbit suit. I’m a stage 5 clinger my foster carer says, needing to always see what you’re doing and where you’re going and then join in on those activities. You’re going to the toilet? No problem I’ll come with you, it can get lonely in there. You’re cooking dinner? Wonderful I hope it’s rabbit safe because I’ll be there catching the crumbs you drop on the floor. Watching your fave show on tv? Oh no no honey it’s *our* fave show now because I’ll be on the couch watching too. What payment do I require for being your shadow and best friend? I require PATS. ALLLLLL the pats. I’m looking for a human preferably with 4 arms, all of them to be used to pat me. I hope you do your hand workouts because we don’t want you cramping up after patting me for 3 hours straight. I can never get enough!
🏡My ideal home: 🏡
Harriette would prefer to be a free range rabbit as all she wants to do is be with her human. Harriette would prefer a home that has a human home most of the time as she truly craves the love of people. She is also incredibly smart and playful, her foster carer is currently teaching her tricks and she loves to play with enrichment toys.
🐶Harriette is happy living with dogs and cats she just needs a slow and gentle introduction. She’s a bit nervous with dogs initially. 🐱
👶🏻Harriette will be suited to some children, but not all as she does not like to be picked up.
If the children understand that not all rabbits enjoy being picked up, then they will get along great.
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